185KW to 280KW Economical inverter with reactor and low price frequency inverter from Powtech


132kw to 200kw 380V Powtech PT500 series soft starter


75kw 90 kw 380V Powtech speed controller PID control for constant pressure water supply


5 inch constant pressure water supply controller Simple and convenient multi function


Control cabinet for water supply mode system controlled precision multiple integrated


180kw to 280kw solar inverter with MPPT technology specially designed for water pump Powtech VFD


90kw and 110kw solar inverter with MPPT technology specially designed for water pump from POWTECH drive


3 phase 220v input 0.4kw to 18kw solar inverter with MPPT technology specially designed for water pump


Because the voltage of the drive motor of the inverter contains abundant high-frequency components.The voltage waveform of the inverter-driven motor is not a sine-wave voltage, but a pulse-width modulation (PWM) voltage.

The application of solar energy is more and more widespread, effective energy saving, and power supply in places where electricity cannot reach, bringing great convenience to irrigation

If the frequency converter has over temperature fault, the corresponding processing methods are


Shenzhen Powtech Co., LTD is dedicated in power transmission and industrial automation technology product research, development, production and sales, rely on European latest technology to set up our platform, self research and software development, we focus to high-quality high-performance products and provide convenient services for our clients. Supplier, Enterprise, Employees and users achieve success together.

Learning from others, Powtech brings together the elite team in the field of frequency conversion and control, has engaged in years of senior research, procurement and manufacture team, makes the high-quality products; Also introduced in the frequency converter industry engaged in more than 10 years of marketing team, to provide professional, high quality service to customers, "Integrity, unity, pragmatic, innovative" as Powtech's spirit, to build brand new high quality talents in the field of frequency conversion and control platform, and also welcome and seek people who come with common ideal for common development.

We insist on technology integration and independent innovation on the basis of the latest product technology in the world , currently has more than 10 of the patent . The main products are high - performance vector inverter , special inverter control one machine , soft starter , servo systems and automated control systems; provide comprehensive power control solutions for equipment manufacturing , energy-saving and environmental protection , new energy and other fields . The products are widely used in machine tools, wire and cable ,plastic , printing and packaging , metallurgy, textiles, building materials , coal mining , municipal , automotive and other industries.

Powtech through the integration of a variety of modes of cooperation , established the marketing and service network spread whole nation, products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions.

Company:Comprehensive solution for power technology to provide the most cutting-edge, do control fields leader!

Business philosophy:Oriented to market needs and customer satisfaction, build quality, and continuous improvement!

Enterprise spirit:Unity and integrity and pragmatic innovation

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