750KW/800KW VFD is used in industry dust removal equipment

2019-12-14 15:28:45

In the steel industry production, the use of dust removal fans is more common. In the past, most of the fan flow design was designed with the maximum air volume demand. The air volume was controlled by adjusting the opening of the damper damper, which could not form a closed-loop control and consumed a lot of energy. Now, steel companies are reducing energy consumption, reducing costs, and increasing benefits. In order to save power, improve process control level, and increase economic benefits, the use of fan frequency conversion speed regulation system to replace the inefficient and energy-intensive damper baffle mechanism has become the focus of energy-saving transformation of various iron and steel enterprises. The dust-removing fan adopts the inverter, which not only plays an improving role in the process application, but also saves electricity costs and reduces production costs for the enterprise.

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