Application of frequency converter in printing machine

2019-12-07 14:25:33

Application of frequency converter in printing machine

Modern printing presses generally consist of mechanisms such as plate loading, ink coating, embossing, and paper feeding (including folding). Its working principle is: first make the text and images to be printed into a printing plate, install it on a printing machine, and then apply ink to the printing plate where there are text and images by a human or a printer, and then directly or indirectly convert Printed on paper or other substrates (such as textiles, sheet metal, plastic, leather, wood, glass, and ceramics) to reproduce the same printed matter as the printing plate.

The inverter outputs 180% torque at 0.5HZ. Correctly set the torque boost function to ensure the mechanical hard characteristics of the motor and make the process more stable. The external braking resistor implements energy-saving braking to quickly stop. The output voltage is stable when the voltage±10% fluctuates, the multi-functional input terminal DIx controls start and stop, and the external potentiometer adjusts the speed, different processing parts use different speeds, the product has wide adaptability and fully meets user needs.

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