Application of Powtech pt330 solar pump inverter in photovoltaic pumping system

2019-12-18 17:40:02

Application of Powtech pt330 solar pump inverter in photovoltaic pumping system

Working principle

Powtech solar water pumping system is mainly composed of PT330 solar inverter, water pump and solar cell array. PT330 solar inverter controls and adjusts the system operation, converts the direct current generated by the solar cell array into alternating current, drives the water pump, and drives the water pump according to the intensity of sunlight The output frequency can be adjusted in real time to achieve maximum power point (MPPT) tracking and maximize the use of solar energy. The system runs fully automatically and does not require manual attendance.


Features of PT330 series solar pump inverter system:

1. The water pump system runs fully automatically, without manual attendance and only a small amount of daily manual maintenance;

2. Long life, low power consumption, low noise, balanced speed regulation, reliable operation;

3, with high-efficiency and low-light work function, can still play a higher work efficiency in cloudy weather, to ensure cloudy and cloudy water;

4. The new MPPT control technology and industry-leading frequency conversion inverter technology have fast response speed, good stability, and MPPT efficiency of 99%, ensuring the maximum efficiency of the system using solar power generation

5. System optimization design based on water demand and local sunshine conditions, high water extraction efficiency and minimize customer input costs;

6, compatible AC input;

7, with complete motor protection function, optional optional upper and lower water level monitoring sensors to prevent overflow and dry pumping;

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