General treatment of inverter over temperature problem

2019-11-22 10:35:48

If the frequency converter has over temperature fault, the corresponding processing methods are:  

(1) Check whether the ambient temperature is within the working range of the frequency converter. If the ambient temperature is too high, the frequency converter needs to be used for capacity reduction. Refer to the sample capacity reduction curve. Large fans or industrial air conditioners can be used to control the ambient temperature.
(2) Check whether the installation space in the cabinet is enough, whether the fan in the cabinet is normal, and whether the ventilation volume can meet the requirements of the frequency converter. The ventilation allowed by the frequency converter can refer to the sample data. The greater the ventilation, the better.
(3) Check the parameter setting and reduce the switching frequency of IGBT as much as possible, i.e. pulse frequency. This may increase the noise of the motor.
(4) Limit the output current of frequency converter or reduce the current: The current related factor is the output torque of the motor. The motor cannot be overloaded for a long time, and it can be tried to reduce the motor load to reduce the current.
(5) Dust removal: After long-term use of the drive, if there is too much dust inside, it will reduce the heat dissipation effect. In case of power failure, blow out dust.

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