How to improve motor life

2019-12-14 15:24:34

How to improve motor life

According to several main factors affecting the service life of motors, corresponding countermeasures are proposed, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1.Intensify inspection and monitoring


The motor is composed of many parts, so its life is by no means a single factor. It is especially necessary to prevent problems before they occur. Therefore, the relevant staff should strengthen the inspection and monitoring of the motor as a whole. If the screws of the motor terminal board are loose or damaged, repair them as soon as they are found; if the bearing grease is sufficient, whether the bearing is hot, rusty, etc., and handle them separately to ensure that they are in normal working condition; Whether there is stagnant water and air in the working environment, and whether there are missing parts or rust, etc.

2, timely troubleshooting

Common faults such as motor burnout caused by bearing wear, machine deformation or falling off, and machine damage. Once a mechanical failure occurs, the relevant staff should perform maintenance in a timely manner, clarify the cause and location of the failure, and dismantle and clean up the relevant parts in a timely manner to restore the integrity of the motor and its use functions as comprehensively as possible without affecting as much as possible. Its service life.

3. Pay attention to maintenance

The daily maintenance of the motor should be started from the following aspects: first, visually check the appearance of the motor such as whether the bearing fan is rusty, whether the parts are missing and falling off, whether the grease is sufficient, whether the machine is in an appropriate environment, etc .; second, when the machine is running Listen to abnormal sounds and perform maintenance in a timely manner; further, contact to check whether the bearing link is tight, fixed, whether the temperature of the motor is normal, the degree of aging of the wire, the switch is normal, and use tools to detect whether the current is normal and many more.

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