Powtech inverter for Air Compressor

2020-05-09 14:30:44


Air compressor is a kind of motor is used to change the gas is compressed and the compression in the compression chamber gas with certain pressure equipment. Its wide range of USES can be used in metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, mining, and power, and textile, petrochemical, and other industries. Air compressor of large industrial equipment (fan, water pump, boiler, air compressor, etc.) 15% of the electricity consumption. After investigation, most of the air compressor itself there are several disadvantages:
(1) when the output pressure is greater than a certain value, automatically open the drain valve, make the asynchronous motor idling, serious waste of energy;
(2) the asynchronous motor is a frequent start, stop, affect the service life of the motor;
(3) the degree of automation is low, the adjustment of the output pressure is to rely on artificial valve opening, slow speed regulation, large fluctuations, instability, low accuracy;
(4) air compressor mechanic frequency starting current is a big, big impact on the power grid, and the motor bearing wears large, large amounts of equipment maintenance.

Application site and equipment

Screw air compressor working principle diagram, as shown in the figure after the air filter and air suction valve and inhalation, the regulating valve is mainly used for adjusting cylinder, rotor vane and formation of the compression chamber, Yin and Yang in the rotor rotate relative to the cylinder eccentric way operation. The vane is installed in the rotor slot and pushes the sliding vane to cylinder wall by centrifugal force, high efficiency of the injection system can ensure the minimum comfortable compressor good cooling and lubricating oil consumption, the cylinder walls form a thin layer of oil film can prevent the direct contact between metal parts due to wear and tear. By compressed air temperature is higher, among them mixed with certain oil and gas, a separator after the separation of oil and gas, oil and gas through the oil cooler cooling again after the oil filter to flow back into the storage tanks, air through the air cooler (air cooling device for cooling into the storage tanks.

On-site application of technical requirements:

Using constant pressure control, pressure transmitter feedback to provide work efficiency, reduce the maintenance cost and convenient operation, saving electricity 。

Using the product which functions to solve the application requirements:

The inverter PT300 series are built-in PID regulator, pressure transmitter according to the pressure change output analog signals (0-10 v, or 0 to 20 ma), directly into the converter analog input port, the inverter after the built-in PID arithmetic control output frequency. System parameters can be adjusted in actual operation, lead to the complete control system response, keep the pressure constant. Can be in different periods given different pressure value, energy conservation, as well as the best way to meet the requirements of end-user to stress, and the frequency converter built-in intelligent sleep wake up, when the gas is small, the frequency converter in a dormant state; When gas greater, automatic wake-up, air compressor, so more energy conservation, and environmental protection, can better meet user needs.

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