Powtech inverter high quality imported components make running more stable

2019-08-01 10:59:48

Powtech inverter high quality imported components make running more stable."Make Running more stable! Powtech inverter using core software algorithm with independent intellectual property rights,the use of advanced motor control technology in Europe and the mature and stable,high - quality imported components,to ensure a mini vector inverter,Powtech inverter PT100 Series PT200 Series high-performance vector inverter high stability and high reliability.


Powtech inverter selection TEXAS INSTRUMENTS DSP high speed control chip,Germany Infineon IGBT Japan MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC IPM automatic control module,Avago company driver chip,Germany SIEMENS filter capacitor,EPCOS absorption capacitance,the Japanese the Rubycon high quality electrolytic capacitors,Italy Ductati Energia absorption capacitance,LEM Hall,Japan,TAMURA Hall,Schneider switching power supply.


The high-quality components configuration,the core software algorithm in the industry,the use of the European frontier motor control technology,Ouke inverter essentially on the stability and reliability,with excellent current waveform.The optimization process through the software algorithm for low and high frequencies,as well as the adjustment of the power factor can be controlled,to reduce the impact of the opening of the turn-off losses of the controllable device,thereby obtaining a good sinusoidal waveform.Effectively inhibit the generation of harmonics,reduce power loss and interference of surrounding equipment,reduce vibration,noise,electromagnetic pollution,to achieve a good environmental protection and energy saving effect.







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