Two major trends of 2019 photovoltaic inverters: 1500V+ digitization

2019-07-24 16:31:22

Two major trends of 2019 photovoltaic inverters: 1500V+ digitization

Trend 1:1500V goes mainstream

If it is said that the most discussed cost reduction and efficiency increase of cells and components are n-type HJT cells or double-sided power generation components, the cost reduction and efficiency increase of inverters is no more than 1500V, which is estimated to become the mainstream in 2019.

If from the power plant system, compared with 1000 v, 1500 v is the benefits of higher voltage and longer set of string of length, which significantly reduce equipment costs: such as inverter or transformer can reduce the number of equipment, installation and subsequent operations cost decreases, high-voltage lines to reduce overall power station, cable and also further reduce the construction cost, estimated BOS associated costs can be reduced at least 0.5 ~ 0.8 cents/W, because the loss is reduced, power plant power generation efficiency.

Since 2018, the 1500V system with both cost reduction and efficiency improvement has gradually become the first choice of large ground power stations, especially in emerging markets such as India, the Middle East, north Africa and other large ground projects, almost all of which are 1500V systems, while the us and European markets are becoming more and more acceptable.According to EnergyTrend statistics, worldwide shipments of large ground type 1500V inverters accounted for more than 50% of total global shipments in 2018.

Trend 2: digital energy

The photovoltaic industry, which has always been developing as subsidies, will be transformed into free trading in the electricity trading market as the renewable energy target is achieved in various regional markets. At this time, the regulation of power capacity becomes more important, and inverters will play a pivotal core role.

In recent years, the photovoltaic industry has been developing rapidly. How to effectively manage the installation volume with multiple growth and the resulting peak power generation? Energy digitization can meet the above conditions.In the foreseeable future, the photovoltaic industry will be built on a digital basis, combining AI big data, IoT and other related technologies to achieve energy management and regulation, which can open a new business model for inverter manufacturers and provide better solutions for the stability of the power grid.

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